Hospitality data

Hotels and hospitality companies today hold a great amount of unused data on their hands. Web and business analytics are our key focus as they hide all the valuable information regarding a hotel’s sales and marketing. By applying our state-of-the-art algorithmic approaches, we unveil the hidden potential behind each property by making the online booking process data-driven, intelligent, real-time and constantly self-learning for optimizing performance.

Behind the scenes

Until today, personalization was an approach to product or service delivery that was mostly perceived as non-affordable. It is heavily labor intensive and requires a lot of human interaction and communication, thus it becomes expensive. On the other hand, consumers are becoming much more demanding and sophisticated and aren’t ready to accept the old “one-size-fits-all” model when it comes down to the quality of the services they demand. They require a tailor-made solution to cover their personal needs. By using data & algorithms on our real-time systems and a semantic approach with respect to how we understand guest related information, we are able to deliver personalization online at a very affordable cost and with very high efficiency.